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Water gathering in the front suspension struts of the Nissan Leaf. The problem and a potential solution.  

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This is a known issue with the Nissan Leaf. Water can gather in the hollows at top of the front suspension slots, potentially leading to rust damage. This problem is especially bad on the drivers side of the car as the windscreen wipers sweep water up to the edge of the screen where it runs down and enters the engine compartment straight to where the strut tops are.

A preventative solution is to fit plastic caps to the the top of the struts. Owners have been creative in finding things that fit and there are even those who have 3D printed custom covers. However there is a ready made cap that fits the Nissan Leaf, one originally designed for the Volkswagen Golf. The VW part number is 17141235901C and they are readily available on Ebay (see here).

YouTuber RSThinks has created a video below explaining the problem and showing how to get to the strut tops and fit the caps.

Posted : 02/08/2020 7:12 pm